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Provides a time to discuss who else will be made aware of the situation. Obtaining consent to run a background check is absolutely imperative. Simple as that. In addition to conducting a background check, though, you need to take this opportunity to educate anyone in your congregation who wants to learn more about child sexual predators. The better informed and trained everyone is in your church, the safer your children will be.

Finally, enforce the plan. Any violation, no matter how small it may seem, should be taken seriously. There is no room for error when dealing with a sex offender in your church. Be sure to forward these tips to your congregation and social media connections! An NAPBS-accredited screening company , we are committed to providing best-in-class background checks and child safety training for your church. Check out our free videos here to learn how we do it. Where was the response? Emotions flew when the congregation learned that another sex offender had been among them.

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The minister immediately invited everyone with a strong view onto a Safety Committee to develop a policy. Seventeen people in a church of agreed to serve. Some, mostly parents, argued that because our children assume that any adult they see at church is safe, there should be zero tolerance of sex offenders.

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Social justice advocates argued that UU's should minister to this population because no one else will; if they've served their time, we should not continue to punish through ostracism. The committee educated themselves, listened to experts, and argued to the point of exhaustion. They produced an interim policy which was accepted by the congregation at annual meeting. This policy was crude, contained harsh language and yet represented the best work the committee was capable of at that time.


It put something in place while the committee continued its work. Experience had taught that every situation would be unique, so the committee sought to create a policy that could deal with offenders as different as Dan and Ron. The final guidelines called for a trained standing Safety Committee to make decisions on a case-by-case basis. It offered a process for reporting concerns and a flexible check list that could allow anything from total access to very limited participation. The church is now considerably more sophisticated about safety and sexual ethics because they have struggled with it so openly.

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In the end, the value of the Safety Policy will not be nearly as great as the educational process to which the committee and church has become dedicated. We now accept that no church can ever be a totally safe place because it is part of society at large. Our true measure of safety stems, not from a policy, but from our level of education on the issue and our continued willingness to talk openly. From a liability standpoint, the risk to minors and to your church in allowing a pedophile to attend may be too high.

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  5. Conditional attendance, according to a signed legal agreement. This means that the person is allowed to attend provided he or she complies with the conditions of the agreement.

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    This is sometimes viewed as a more merciful response. Worded properly, this can put the church in a position to be viewed as having acted reasonably under the circumstances, which means that it may not be considered negligent. However, a couple things must be kept in mind if this course is chosen.

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    First, this document must be drafted by an attorney and comply with any requirements under state law. Second, careful thought must be given as to the conditions stated in the policy. Restrooms, in particular, pose a risk. Many documented cases of child molestation have taken place in a restroom. Always have the chaperone follow the offender into the restroom.

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    In general, the spouse of a sex offender would not be a good choice for a chaperone. Ushers or board members are good candidates. In the case of a minor who has sexually molested another minor, the parents or legal guardians could act as chaperones.