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Even if they don't, just a name and an approximate date and place of birth will be your starting point. Matt: World War One is full of stories of sadness, heroism and sacrifice. And I was keen to find out what role my family played in the war.

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My dad told me about my great-granddad - Tommy Baker. Early on in the war he volunteered to go to the front. Well, we know that he was in the transport section but really, other than that, our knowledge is pretty sketchy. Matt: Where does the name Hull Pals come from?

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David: Your great-grandfather was from Hull. And he joined the army in Hull. There was four and a half thousand men all joined up together but they were linked by streets, by friendship or by occupation, pals.

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He became a mule man in the transport regiment. What would have been his role? David: His role was to make sure that the people that were going to do the fighting had everything that they needed. He would have come over every night and dumped the material in the specific places, so there would be a granade dump, a small arms ammunition dump; there would be a food dump and he would be taking things, and then going back, and each night he would do that. As a mule man part of his job was to carry the wounded back to safety.

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He must have seen some horrific things then. David: Yes, particularly as he would take the wounded back in the evening, in the dark, when the night came down. They would just put them over the saddle. Matt: Just lay them over the mules and then just yomp back. You just feel so proud… You just feel so proud of what he did.

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Donate today. Places of Pride Places of Pride, the National Register of War Memorials, is a new initiative designed to record the locations and photographs of every publicly accessible memorial across Australia. Many of these show the names of soldiers in a district that were killed or served in the First World War. Digital New Zealand provides access to thousands of images of First World War military personnel from collections all over New Zealand, among other war-related items. Not all soldiers are identified by name.

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Some common abbreviations you might come across when researching New Zealand's First World War experience see also our full glossary of acronymns and abbreviations :. Skip to main content. Personnel files. Share this item Share on facebook Share on twitter. See 17 more related events Alfred de Bathe Brandon.

Euan Dickson. Malcolm McGregor. William Rhodes-Moorhouse.

Keith Caldwell. William Burn. Robert Logan. Ettie Rout. Archibald Baxter. Alexander Godley. James Allen. Ormond Burton.

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Andrew Hamilton Russell. George Butler.

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Nugent Welch. William Massey. Samuel Frickleton. Charles Begg. Bernard Freyberg. See 11 more related biographies First World War glossary and list of abbreviations.