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Nova Scotia police investigate fatal crash on Highway 104

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Orders in Council. Registry of Regulations. Library resources on law. Constitutional Timeline. Halifax was founded in , when African people held as slaves dug out roads and built much of the city.


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Some evidence indicates that this early black community lived a few kilometres north of the city on the southern shore of the Bedford Basin—an area that became Africville. Other evidence suggests that some of the maroons of Jamaica Africans who escaped enslavement , resettled to Nova Scotia by the British government, moved to the basin in The first official record of Africville is from , when the land was granted to several white families, including the families of men who imported and sold enslaved African men and women.

In , Campbell Road connected central Halifax to the Africville area. Many of these refugees were once enslaved in the Chesapeake area of the United States. It held the main civic events, including weddings, funerals, and baptisms. After much petitioning by Africvillians, a school opened in A local resident had taught many of the children in Africville before the school opened.

Cape Sable Historical Society Archives and Genealogical Centre

Africville residents ran fishing businesses from the Bedford Basin, selling their catch locally and in Halifax. Other residents ran farms, and several opened small stores toward the end of the 19th century. It was a haven from the anti-black racism they faced in Halifax, where black women were generally able to find work only as domestic servants and where men were limited to a few jobs such as sleeping-car porters on trains. In the winter, residents played hockey when the pond froze. The City of Halifax collected taxes in Africville but did not provide services such as paved roads, running water , or sewers.

In , a railway extension was cut through the village.

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  • Several homes were expropriated and destroyed. Some homeowners protested that they had not been paid for their land and that the speeding trains posed a danger and polluted the village.

    Nova Scotia’s First Municipal Archives

    More land was expropriated for the railway in and in the s. In the first half of the 20th century, such municipal services as public transportation , garbage collection , recreational facilities, and adequate police protection were nonexistent. The Halifax explosion of shelved plans to turn Africville into an industrial zone.

    A global relief effort brought in millions of dollars in donations to rebuild the city, but none of the money went to rebuilding Africville. Halifax did not survey Africville for damage, but oral history records that several homes were badly damaged and lost their roofs.

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