How to find a silent phone

How to Find a Misplaced Android Phone Even It’s in Silent Mode

If it's a modern android you should be able to say OK Google and the phone will beep, should you need a longer sound try following OK Google with "how's the wether". Great article, thank you. I never even knew apps like these existed. Thanks for solving a problem my mom and I have everyday!

How to Find Your iPhone on Silent

I was intrigued at first and then, upon reflection, decided that I needed to learn to keep better track of my iPhone and not become more dependent on technology whether or not it decreases battery life. I guess I am uncomfortable with having the mic turned on all the time as a potential security concern for an occasional problem. Maybe, I am uselessly paranoid. As far as I can see a lot of people complain about setting it off accidentally or that the apps have more trouble with female voices.

I have been known to use a land line and Find My Phone to locate the phone when I have hidden it from myself somehow. And I can usually hear it, even if it is on vibrate. But altogether both of these methods are somewhat awkward - but workable for me. It worked but has one major problem. It stops my screen display from timing out. In other words, my screen stays on permanently until I switch it off. I uninstalled the app and the screen display duly timed out as expected.

I installed Whistle Phone Finder again and the screen display again became permanent. So I uninstalled it again and that was it for me.

How To Find Your Lost Android or iPhone FAST Even When It Is On Silent or Dead

Anyone else have this issue? Just wondering which phone it was that you could hear while under a pile of clothes OR the volume setting of the sound! It gives a response at the highest volume, regardless of your sound, if that's what you choose in the app's settings :. A buck is a bargain, I have tested it and like it. So if you walk into a room where you think you have left your phone, have Marco Polo installed, and say, "Marco", what happens if 3 other people in that room also have Marco Polo installed on their cell phones? Do you get 4 "Polos" in response?

4 Ways to Find Your Lost Cell Phone—Even If It's on Silent « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Yup, that's exactly what will happen : In such a case, it's probably better to ask one of them to call your phone to find it! I think I'll get the Marco Polo app for the convenience, as I often misplace my phone in my house. I don't have a problem with battery life as it is, so I don't expect that to be an issue. It worked when the phone was under my bed covers and I was in the next room.

Is this a Motorola specific application or from Google? What if you don't know how to whistle? Is there an app I can use to Whistle for me? Active 4 years, 1 month ago. Viewed k times.

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Andrew T. Steve Steve 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. Andrew T, good edits. The bold is useful, and the title is clearer. No spam was intended with the specific web site mention; it's the only such service I knew about. Sign in to your Google Account on android.

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Select any of the following options in the top left corner of the screen: Ring: Rings your device at full volume for 5 minutes - even if it's set to silent or vibrate. Lock: Locks your device with a new password. Erase: Permanently deletes all of your data. Open the Device Manager app on your device. Sign in to your Google Account.

How to Ring a Mobile Phone which is Lost in Silent Mode - Easy Trick - 100% Working

What if no internet connection on the device? KiranReddy That's not an issue, because if you're searching for your phone, you're going to Device Manager from a different device, presumably one that does have Internet. The phone receives the ring, lock, or erase command through the cellular network, not through the general Internet.

If the device is offline , the sound plays the next time it connects to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

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  5. Play a sound on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch;
  6. If your AirPods are online , they play a sound immediately for 2 minutes. Important: Make sure to remove the AirPods from your ears before playing a sound.

    Although the sound starts playing softly, the volume gradually increases.