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Dealership Application. Ford Culture. Ford Values. View All Opportunities. Ford Family. Customer Care. Customer Relationship Center. Feedback Form. MAP is not supported by the device. Connection prompt must be accepted on the handset when connecting with the vehicle system. Phonebook is not downloaded correctly. Text message cannot be sent via the vehicle system. Text messages cannot be replied to via the vehicle system.

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When an incoming call is accepted via the handset, the audio is not routed to the vehicle speakers audio stays on the handset. However the audio can be transferred to the vehicle system via the vehicle system controls. The vehicle system does not notify new incoming text messages of certain non-english languages. Call cannot be put to Unhold using the vehicle system. Vehicle phonebook is only updated after pairing.

Tested With Software Version: 4. Phonebook is not updated on reconnection. Signal strength is not displayed correctly on the vehicle system. Call lists are not synchronized correctly upon connection. Answer Call Waiting feature is not supported. Call On Hold feature is not supported. Join Call feature is not supported. Multiple Call Handling feature is not supported. Reject Call Waiting feature is not supported. Second Outgoing Call feature is not supported.

Handset cannot be paired to the vehicle system. Redial feature is not supported. Transfer To Privacy feature is not supported. Caller ID feature is not supported. Auto Phonebook Download feature is not supported. Call History Download feature is not supported.

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Handset cannot be connected with the vehicle system after initial pairing. Outgoing call is not established on every attempt when dialling via the vehicle system. Outgoing calls cannot be made using the vehicle system keypad. Music playback must be started from handset. Handset cannot be connected to the vehicle system for audio streaming.

Caller ID is not displayed during an incoming call.

Motorola V525

Phone cannot be paired to the vehicle system. Vehicle system does not indicate new text messages. Outgoing calls cannot be made from the vehicle system. Phonebook contact numbers should be stored with country dialling code to ensure the caller ID is displayed correctly. Phonebook contact numbers should be stored with country dialling code to ensure the call list is correctly updated. Audio is not routed via the vehicle system when accepting a second incoming call.

Calls cannot be linked into a conference.

Call audio cannot be swapped between multiple active calls. Vehicle system does not display correct call state when there are two active calls. Engine 1. About Ford. Community CSR. Chat now.

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This is the best cell phone that i've ever had. It has great reception, looks good, and bluetooth works pretty good. I also really like the rubber exterior which is stylish and durable. My main gripe is that the phone book is not as advanced as some of the competition. However thats fairly minor. Great reception 2.

Good looks.

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Feels very well made 4. Customization Cons 1. Motorola needs to overhall their phonebook. The Motorola v has excellent features.

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The handset is stylish yet sporty and has a good feel to it, in part because of the ergonomic design and blue rubberized covering bordering the front and covering the back the rubberized covering is also great for preventing scratches and not sliding around on slick surfaces like leather car seats. The handset fits my hand well and the keypad feels great. The handset just feels good.

The screen is large and has the clearest resolution of any I've seen.