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Pro-Tip for Document Preparers - Leave room for the Stamp!

How to: Download the StampHere. In the word processor you're using to create your document move your curser to the point where you would like the recorder's stamp to appear.

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This should be on the first page above or near the first line of text. From the menu choose Insert then Pictures.


Navigate to the folder you saved the StampHere. The "Recorder's Stamp Here" graphic should now be visible on your page.

Pennsylvania's Property Tax Problem

Your text should now be flowing around the image uniformly. For most document this will be all you have to do. Make sure you still have the image selected, click on it with your cursor again if you need to.


Make sure your Wrap Text stays at Square. Document Records All document records since the year except for military discharges, in the Recorder of Deeds office are available for public inspection during regular office hours. Homeowners Guide. Frequently Asked Questions. Realty Transfer Tax Rates. A Board of Property, similar to Commissioners of Property under the Penn government, was also created in to hear and determine cases of disputes arising from the transaction of Land Office business.

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  8. The Board initially consisted of either the president or vice-president of the Supreme Executive Council, an additional member of the Council, and the appointed officers of the Land Office. In , the offices of Receiver General and Master of Rolls were abolished and the responsibilities of collecting purchase money and enrolling state laws were assigned to the Secretary of the Land Office and the Secretary of the Commonwealth respectively.

    In that year, the patent books and land-title papers of the Master of Rolls were transferred to the Secretary of the Land Office. In the Division of Land Records was merged into the Division of Archives and Manuscripts within the Bureau of Archives and History and no longer existed as an independent entity.

    In the year , the patenting functions of the Land Office were placed into the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The Division of Archives and Manuscripts in the Bureau of Archives and History of the Historical and Museum Commission remains the depository of original titles and conveyances and the custodian of deeds and instruments relating to real estate owned by the Commonwealth. The Land Office was also custodian of the records of the Pennsylvania Board of Canal Commissioners which was authorized in to construct and operate a state canal system.

    Delaware Pennsylvania

    In and the waterways and adjunct railroads of the Pennsylvania Canal were sold by the Commonwealth. When the Board of Canal Commissioners was abolished in its records were transferred first to the Department of Auditor General, and then in to the Department of Internal Affairs. Property Assessment The Lancaster County Property Assessment Office assesses real estate within the county for the local property tax levy. County government, 17 school districts, and most of the 60 municipalities in the county levy a property tax. For most, the property tax is their principal source of revenue.

    Appeals The Third Class County Assessment Law requires the appointment of a three-member Board of Assessment Appeals for the purpose of overseeing office administration and hearing assessment appeals. Appeals from assessment can be taken by property owners and taxing bodies alike for the purpose of correcting over- or under-assessed properties.

    Appeals may be undertaken any year when filed on or before August 1, with the result effective beginning with the subsequent tax year.